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Everything You Need To Know About The 30 Day Challenge

Change your habits, reach your goal and transform into the happiest, healthiest and most confident version of you in just 30-days.

What is the 30-day challenge?

The 30-day challenge is a habit based transformation program designed to ensure you get quick but long lasting results.

You'll practise new habits that will not only get you results fast, but also will become second nature to you to ensure your results are long lasting.

Who's it for?

The 30-day challenge is for women who feel like they're spinning too many plates right now.

Maybe you're a working mum who has spent so long looking after others, you've started to neglect yourself.

Maybe your work has taken presidency over your health.

Maybe you've had a stressful few months and have found yourself in the biscuit or chocolate cupboard just too often.

Or maybe you're just fed up of fab diets and you're ready to let go of rules and restrictions to build healthy and long lasting habits to reach your goal.

This program is designed to help you reach your weight loss goal, get more energy and feel better in your own skin without it feeling like you'll have to dedicate your whole life to it.

What will I get?

The 30-day challenge has been designed to ensure that you feel better, have more energy and reach your goal by practising small but effective habits each week.


- An easy meal guide

- A 50 page recipe book

- Weekly group coaching & accountability with Emma

- Weekly workbooks

- A new habit to practise each week

- Challenges (and prizes!!)

- Community of likeminded women

- 30-days of guidance, support and encouragement

How do I sign up?

On Wednesday, 22nd June, we’re re-opening registration for the 30-Day Challenge however, spot always sell out within just a couple of hours.

Luckily for you, you can get on our pre-sale list which means you get to grab your space a whole 24 hours before we open our doors to the public.

Plus, you get 33% off the total price!

Join the pre-sale list here

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