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It has to be about YOU!

Read on to find out why...

If you ever feel like you're struggling with your health/fitness/nutrition goals, here's a valuable tool you can use: become aware of the fact that every action leads to reaction. Who knew Newton's 3rd Law would be so relevant to your health & fitness journey?

This may be when you're tired ➔ you don't exercise or eat as well as you normally would.

Or you are about to start your period ➔ you often crave chocolate so you think to yourself "I may as well eat it anyway".

Or maybe your blood sugars tend to dip in the afternoon, giving you that 'afternoon slump' feeling ➔ you crave a chocolate bar or a caffeine kick. After a couple of afternoons spent with a kit-kat/energy drink in hand this starts to become a habit and you struggle to go without.

Nobody is perfect and you cannot hold yourself to an unrealistic standard...BUT what you can do, is understand and become more aware of the times when an action may lead to a non-desirable reaction.

Once you become aware of your own behaviour patterns, you are in a better position to be able to prepare for them. This exactly what we do with our ladies at the Nourishment Academy. We help our ladies take a step back a look at their lives/habits from every angle so they can become aware of their individual habits .

And you can do just this from the comfort of your own home, here's how:

- Grab a pen & paper

- Note down any bad habits you have and how you were feeling at the time or if anything triggered the bad habit

- Try to identify any links between the action (hormones/emotions/events) and the reaction (bad habit)

- Trial different ways to break the link and replace your negative reaction with a more positive habit

For example, if you think you may feel sluggish in the afternoons and want to devour a chocolate bar, you may decide to add a banana in your bag to boost your blood sugar levels. Or if you know you have a full-on week ahead and you expect to feel tired, book your fitness classes the week before and do a healthy food shop to stock up.

...OR if you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, angry, upset, on your period, whatever it may be - know when to cut yourself some slack. It's okay to have a bad day, the whole week is not a write-off. The best thing you can do, is acknowledge it so you can prepare for it next time and be proud of yourself for doing so.

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