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Your body changes, GET USED TO IT

Understanding nutrition was half my battle when it came to my weight loss;

Finally understanding that diets were a short term fix -

and therefore got short term results

- was an absolute game changer for me.

But my weight STILL fluctuates.

And I’m finally ok with that.

No, that doesn’t mean I look in the mirror every day and feel amazing.

It means I have so much more compassion towards myself.

Instead of thinking “eurgh, my thighs feel huge”

I think “I’ve been inside a lot more than usual this year, and my thighs are feeling the lack of normal day-to-day movement. Maybe I could go for a walk tomorrow”

Being less judgemental and much more logical helps me to make changes from a place of love.

Instead of thinking, “My favourite skinny jeans look gross”

I think “my jeans don’t feel as comfortable as usual, time to invest in a new pair... maybe I’ll try and new style for now”

It’s about understanding that your body has changed, therefore your clothes & style might too.

You have to realise that your body WILL NOT stay the same forever.

Just like your circumstances.

And, just like a beautiful bunch of flowers!

So here’s 3 ways to stop slamming your body - no matter your weight:

1️⃣ Remove harsh judgment

- Speak to yourself like you’d speak to a friend and be real!

- Be less judgmental and more logical (remove the emotion)

- Remember, if you don’t like something, you have the power to change it but that change MUST come from a place of love, not hate.

2️⃣ Remember your body will ALWAYS change, and therefore so will your clothes

- Use that time to get excited about new clothes & styles

- You will not be the exact same weight every single day, get comfortable knowing that

3️⃣ Understand your weight DOES NOT represent your worth or your health

- No, your friends will not judge you

- Yes, you are the same person & so is your worth

- Yes, you can still be “overweight” on the BMI scale a be healthy

I’ve never seen a client successfully reach her goal through a place of hate.

So get used to being kind.

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