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5 Signs Your Sleep Habits Aren't Working For You

Poor sleep can be just as damaging to our bodies as a poor diet.

In the night our body has a number of different jobs to do, including; transforming everything we have experienced or learnt that day into memories, refreshing neurotransmitter levels and helping us to recover and repair.

Here are 5 signs that your sleep habits are no longer working effectively for you:

1) Your Mind Is Foggy.

As I said, everything we experience or learn in a day must be turned into memories. Our brain does this while we're sleeping. However, if there is any interference you may find you're not as alert as usual, you may find it hard to concentrate or get confused and forgetful.

2) You're Getting Sick A Lot.

When we don't sleep a lot T-Cells go down and inflammation goes up which puts us at a higher risk of getting sick.

3) You Workouts Are Too Hard Work.

Our body uses sleep to recover and repair by refreshing neurotransmitter levels and removing any energy-draining metabolites, otherwise we'd experience: low energy, decreased mood, slower reaction time and lower endurance.

4) You're Unhappy.

Sleep regulates our hormones as well as producing fresh neurotransmitters. Lack of sleep can cause the following: heigh stress levels, low mood and a it's likely you would struggle to cope and regulate emotions.

5) If You Struggle With Your Weight.

Poor sleep is linked to excess body fat as it can lead to: a disruption with your appetite regulation, feelings of hunger or cravings and an increase to calorie intake.

Also, excess body fat can reduce sleep quality.

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