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5 Steps To A Happier, Healthier You By Christmas

If you've found it tricky to stay consistent during the summer holidays, you're certainly not alone (...and you should definitely keep reading).

During the summer, there's plenty to contend with - the kids are off school, your routine is out of kilter, plus there's countless social gatherings, events & if you're lucky, a trip away.

That's why I find that September (after all that chaos has calmed down a little bit) is the ideal time to refocus ahead of Christmas.

Of course, you can try these 5 steps not just in September but anytime you feel like you need a little boost to get you going again...

Build awareness. The first thing to do is to try and build back up some of that awareness. What's working at the moment and what's not? Maybe you eat mindfully all day only for it all to go out the window in the evening? Maybe you're eating enough veg but lacking in protein? At The Nourishment Academy, we don't believe in blindly giving you a meal plan to follow but instead building awareness around daily habits, hunger signals, behaviour patterns etc. We find that this approach produces far better and longer lasting results because it helps you to get in tune with your body.

Decide your non-negotiables. These should be the things that you believe are absolutely key to your progress. They should be personal to you, and once you decide them, you commit to them 100%; they are non-negotiable. They could be to attend a min. 2 workouts per week or to eat 5 portions of veggies every day - they're completely up to you!

Do something you enjoy. If running or spinning has never been your thing, what's going to change now? I've tried to force myself to do things I hate in the past and trust me, it's just not worth it! A lot of the women who train with us really like the TNA fitness sessions because they're always different and involve lots of strength training (which in my opinion is much more fun than boring old cardio for 45 mins straight!). Whatever you do, make it something you enjoy.

Stay accountable. If you want to stay consistent for longer than a couple weeks or a month, you'll find it a whole lot easier when you have someone to keep you accountable. Buddy up with a friend who has similar goals as you or even better, join a community like TNA where you're surrounded by likeminded women who support & encourage you.

Look after your tomorrow self. I heard this term recently and I thought it was a brilliant

reminder to look & plan ahead - it'll make YOUR life easier tomorrow by getting ahead today. This could be as simple as planning your meals, booking your fitness sessions in advance, or getting an early night. Small habits like these will make a big difference to your day tomorrow.

Need more support & structure to get you to your goal? Apply for the 6 week body transformation here to feel happier, healthier & more confident in just 6 weeks!

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