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Bored of The Same Old Lunch Every Day? Transform Your Boring Sandwich with This Simple Hack...

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Sandwiches are a lunchtime staple but more out of convenience and habit rather than taste or nutritional value.

While there's nothing wrong with a sandwich; they are very carb-heavy which means you're probably not getting enough of the other things like protein, veg & fat.

(And let's face it - they are a little bit boring too.)

A high carb lunch like a sandwich can also trigger that 3pm slump you may be familiar with (you can read more about how to beat the slump here).

But there's no need to ditch them altogether; mindful eating is all about...


All you need to do is find the right balance between carbs, protein, veg & fats.

And you can use your hands to do this...

Now you know a little more about portions, you can use it to turn your sandwich into a more balanced & altogether more exciting lunch, like this...


Take the best part of your sandwich (the filling, of course) - whether that be ham, cheese & pickle, egg mayo, tuna & sweetcorn, chicken & avocado...anything you like.


a) Layer it onto a single slice of bread (wholegrain if you have it) to create an open sandwich.


b) Layer it onto a bed of fresh salad leaves.


Now add any extras you like (it helps to pretend you're packing a lunch for a child; make it colourful, fun & exciting!)

I love to have mine with a side of hummus & veggies but here are some more ideas...

- Avocado

- Cherry tomatoes

- Celery/carrot sticks

- Cucumber,

- Bell peppers

- Halloumi

- Tzatziki or greek yoghurt

- Cottage cheese

- Berries

- Nuts

- Olives

Now your plate should look something like this...

Which looks much tastier & more exciting than this...


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