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STOP Making These 5 Mistakes

I've seen women make the same mistakes over & over again (and I've made plenty of them in the past myself too)

...But I made all those mistakes so that you don't have to!

1. Striving For Perfection

It may sound strange but at TNA, we don't want you to try and train perfectly every single session or eat perfectly every single meal.

That's just not realistic or sustainable, and often leads to the "All or Nothing" attitude.

You may be a victim of the "all or nothing" attitude if you've ever told yourself...

"The diet starts on Monday" after a heavy weekend,

Or "Oh f*** it, I've had one so I will just have the rest of the bag".

Striving for perfection may not sound that bad but when you leave no room for error,

The smallest setback can seem like a huge failure and you end up quitting.

2. Going It Alone

I'm not saying you can't achieve your goals by yourself,

BUT I can promise you it's a whole lot easier when you surround yourself with likeminded people who can help you on your way to achieving those goals.

At The Nourishment Academy, not only are you part of the most fabulous community of women who are all rooting for each other,

Every active member is assigned their very own accountability coach.

Whether it's some guidance or support you need,

A motivational pep talk,

Or just a kick up the bum!

We're here to help you get the results you've always wanted.

3. Trying Too Much, Too Fast

I love seeing big commitments, high intensity & effort when ladies first join the Nourishment Academy.

However, I don't like to see ladies burning out just a couple of weeks in.

Especially if you've never properly exercised before,

Or are returning after a long period of time off

It's always better to start off slow & build it up gradually.

That way you'll see better results, prevent injury and you'll enjoy it much more too!

4. Waiting For Motivation

Stop waiting & start doing!

Ever get those sudden bursts of motivation?

They are rare & fleeting so it's best not to rely on them or wait around for one to appear

Instead, you can create your own motivation when you start doing.

Once you start, you'll be motivated to do more & more & more.

Just try it and see.

5. Thinking that planning is a waste of time

Planning ahead is something I absolutely swear by

So much so, I remind my clients to plan their week every Sunday.

Planning isn't a waste of time,

It actually SAVES you time

It also increases the likelihood of success dramatically

Instead of stressing each night about what to make for dinner,

Whether you have all the right ingredients,

And ending up ordering yet another takeaway


Nothing special,

Just do a rough meal plan each week before you do your weekly shop.

And instead of letting exercise be pushed further & further down your to-do list

Book your fitness sessions a week ahead so you can plan other commitments around them.

Click here if you're ready to put in the work!

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