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Why NOW Is The Best Time To Start Exercising

As we get a little older (and wiser), our bodies will of course change - our metabolism slows, we lose bone density and muscle mass etc.

People often mistakenly think this means we don’t need to exercise anymore.

In reality, the benefits you get from exercising when you’re over the age of 30 are even greater than they were when you were younger.

Regular exercise can slow down the effects of aging, not simply the physical aspects but also things like increasing mental sharpness.

Keep reading to learn why NOW is the best time to start exercising and I’ll dispel some of the myths you may have heard whilst we’re at it…

“You need to tone down the exercise as you get older” - MYTH

In fact, regularly exercising prevents a whole host of injuries & illnesses as you get older.

Continuing to exercise as you age simply means you’re more likely to maintain your mobility & independence for longer and be able to do things like play with your grandchildren.

“You’re too old to be lifting that” - MYTH

After the age of 30, we start to lose muscle mass at a rate of about 3-5% per decade so it’s actually even more important than ever to do things like strength training to build muscle.

More muscle also means a higher metabolism which is an added bonus if your goal is to lose weight.

“It’s too late to start working out at your age” - MYTH

Studies have shown that by becoming more physically active, you can lengthen your life irrespective of your past activity levels.

Which means even if you’ve been a couch potato for the past 30+ years, you can add years to your life by starting to exercise more regularly right NOW.

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