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Louisa, UK

All the ladies on here are doing brilliantly. I'm finding the support and encouragement on here really boosts me. The mindset training helps me a lot too.

After the coaching call with Emma I decided to sign up for the year! Excited for what's to come! 

Claire, UK

After doing the challenge for 5 days together with the food and, most importantly I think, the mindset and coaching call I’ve just signed up for a year!!! I'm going to think long term! I've got to say I work in mental health and I have had counselling, but in that 30 minute call Emma got me to a tee and mentioned everything I'd learnt in my counselling sessions which I’m now putting back in practice so thank you so much Emma.

Other, UK

I’ve been a member of a generic gym since December and have only been swimming a few time because the thought petrifies me. After the mindfulness training last night I’ve planned to meet a girl from work there to get over my fear and finally go!

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