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Your Fit & Fab Guide To Lockdown Lifting

I for one was excited but also a little nervous when I first heard the plan for coming out of lockdown.

Humans are creatures of habit; we work well with a routine and we don’t like change.

This certainly rang true for me - I had created myself a little lockdown routine and I was a bit worried about what would happen if it got messed up.

Maybe lockdown for you consisted of struggling to stay out of the fridge and a lot of netflix?

Or maybe it was the health kick you needed to go on more walks and do some home workouts?

Whatever your position, you will still be facing some change in the future.

If you want some help navigating that change then read on…

Dining Out & About

One of the biggest changes that will be happening shortly is that we can eat at a restaurant or pub without the risk of catching hypothermia or our food flying away in a howling gale - hooray!

But you may also feel some nerves creeping in about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. I always encourage the ladies at TNA to add not remove;

  • Try adding a side of vegetables or salad to your meal

  • Choose an option with plenty of protein e.g chicken, steak, lamb, eggs

  • Ask for sauces on the side; this allows you to choose exactly how much you want to add to your food.

  • Don’t restrict. If there’s something on the menu that you really fancy - have it & enjoy it!

  • Never leave hungry or unsatisfied. Because guess what? You will probably go home and raid the snack cupboard.


A client recently asked me what would happen if she went on holiday, the answer: you can do as much or as little as you like.

At the Nourishment Academy, we always tell the ladies to listen to their bodies so if you feel like you need a complete break, that’s absolutely fine.

Just like you won’t see progress in a week, you won't lose your progress in a week either!

Even on holiday, our clients can still take part in any of the online or pre-recorded classes while they’re away and they still have the full support and communication of their coach but ultimately they choose.

Here's what I recommend if any of us get the chance for a Summer holiday this year...

  • Keep your steps up; Walk to the supermarket, the beach, out for dinner etc. with the sun shining (fingers crossed) it's the best way to get from A to B.

  • Stay active in other ways; Maybe you don’t want to take part in a sweaty fitness class while you’re on holiday but you can still stay active by playing with your kids, playing tennis, riding bikes etc.

  • Eat the local food; if you are lucky enough to get away this Summer, I encourage you to try the local food instead of opting for chicken & chips - trust me, it’s often far tastier and better for you as well!

Back In The Office

If you’re heading back to the office soon (or maybe you already have?) you may wonder how on earth you ever managed it before. But the key is planning and organisation! The time you spend organising is never ever wasted;

  • Make a quick meal plan on a Sunday for the week ahead. I can promise you that it really takes the fuss out of food and it saves you from eating a soggy sandwich for lunch from the corner shop.

  • Cook once, eat twice! It’s something my clients hear far too often but it doesn’t stop it being true Whatever you cook the night before, try and leave an extra portion to take to work the next day.

  • Keep it simple; if you don't have anything left over from the night before, don’t pick anything too complicated. Maybe you can pop some chicken/fish and veggies in the oven and let it cook while you get the kids ready for school in the morning? For more speedy lunch inspo, click here.

  • Try not to sit longer than an hour or so at a time. If your job involves a lot of sitting down, setting an alarm can remind you to take short regular breaks. You could have a walk around the office or down the street to grab a coffee. You can also go for a little stroll at lunch time too - getting moving always helps me think clearer and increases my productivity so there’s really no reason not to.

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