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Carb Myths That Are Holding You Back

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Carbs are a tricky topic, especially for women so I'm here to set the records straight by de-bunking these 4 common carb myths that may be holding you back.

Myth #1 : I need carbs to fill me up

Although carbs may initially give you that super full feeling, they are quickly digested to give you a fast release of energy so that full feeling doesn't last very long. What actually keeps you full is fibre, which takes much longer to digest and gives a slower, longer release of energy. For this reason, I recommend opting for high-fibre carbs like wholegrains wherever possible.

Most processed carbs like white bread, white pasta, pastries & cereals have lost a lot of their fibre during processing which is why you may feel stuffed initially, you’ll often end up hungry again soon after eating. Protein is also great for giving you that long-lasting full feeling because it takes longer to get broken down. This is why I always encourage my clients to up their protein.

Myth #2: Carbs need to be the focus of every meal

Many of us have been brought up on lots of pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes so it’s no surprise that we grow up believing this is what we should be eating with every single meal. But now you know that carbs aren’t actually necessary to keep you full, try to shift your focus more towards protein and vegetables.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be eating carbs but try not to let them take over your whole plate. This adjustment may take some getting used to but you’ll likely find that protein-focused meals are just as delicious, filling and satisfying.

Myth #3: Everyone should be low-carb.

While I encourage you to shift your focus more towards protein than carbs, I also encourage you to listen to your body closely. Observe how you feel, and perform when you eat carbs, and use this to guide what you eat.

Everyone reacts to carbs differently; some feel tired and sluggish, and others feel energised and alert after eating carbs. Ditch the "no-this, no-that" rule book because the only “rules” you should follow come from your body and your experience.

Myth #4: Carbs make you gain weight.

In reality, weight gain is much more to do with calorie-intake rather than carb-content. However, since a lot of high-calorie foods are also high in carbs, I can see where the confusion came from.

If your goal is weight-loss, eating fewer carbs can make it easier to eat fewer calories and get more protein, and therefore lose weight. However, carbs are still needed for healthy bodily function so cutting out carbs altogether is not recommended nor is it sustainable.

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