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Is Your Body Crying Out For Help?

Our bodies are incredibly clever, they let us know when something is wrong and needs some extra attention. When you're dehydrated, you feel thirsty. When you are allergic to something, you may get a rash.

The warning signs may not always be as obvious as this, but being self aware about what is normal and not normal when it comes to your body is key to spotting the red flags.

One of the most important things we always teach at TNA is how to listen and really tune into your body.

If you are out of touch with your body or just aren't used to listening to it, you may not have even realised that it may be calling out for help so here are some signs you should keep an eye out for...

You hold extra weight around your middle: a large concentration of belly fat (which is the area that covers your internal organs) can indicate an underlying problem.

You crave something sweet after every meal: find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin straight away after you've eaten a full meal? These uncontrollable cravings may be worth looking further into.

You feel your energy crash after a meal: feeling tired is totally normal on occasion but if you feel a sudden dip in your energy levels especially after lunch or in the afternoons, this is likely a sign something is not quite right.

You feel moody all the time. Every woman is likely experience mood swings at some point during their cycle, however excessive mood swings that cause you distress should never be ignored,

You have trouble sleeping through the night: Sleep is the foundation of almost everything so if your sleep is disrupted on a regular basis, you need to take notice and address it as soon as possible.

You take the term hangry to another level. Do you find yourself getting extra irritable when you haven't eaten? This may be another sign that something is wrong.

You find it hard to concentrate and your brain feels foggy. If you're finding it hard to focus on things that normally would be easy, you shouldn't ignore it.

You find it impossible to lose weight. This can be a distressing experience, I know. You're doing all the right things, eating the right things but you don’t lose any weight? Well, you'd be correct in thinking that this doesn't seem quite right.

If you are sitting there thinking yes, yes, yes this sounds a lot like me, now is the time to book in your free call with me to see how I can help get you onto the right track. Book your free discovery phone call with me here.

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